Ulivieri in Tuttosport: “Lukaku what a great purchase, while on the national team …”

ULIVIERI AT TUTTOSPORT – To date Renzo Ulivieri has spoken to Tuttosport in a very important way on really hot topics this summer.


Interviewed by Tuttosport, the president of the AIAC, Renzo Ulivieri, spoke about the national team, the coaches and Serie A. “After a victory it happens that the coach makes a mistake and the team melts. But there are mistakes of the heart ”explains the coach in reference to Italy’s failure to qualify for the world championship. On Mancini, however, he agrees with the choice of the Federation: “he has made a good path, he must restart as he started. I will be among the few, but I liked Italy, which was defeated by Germany 5-2, it has a new mentality ”. A thought, then, to Serie A and the returns that have characterized and are characterizing the Italian top flight: “Allegri’s experience is crucial for the reconstruction of Juve. Lukaku is a player of great value, if he returns to Inter it is an advantage “. Finally, a reflection on the coaching school and the youth sectors: “Outside the World Cup we have questioned everything. We are young, we need more courage to make them play. And make sure they have something to do with the real ball “.

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