Italian: “We want to reach Europe, it would be a fantastic icing”

Italian made some statements on the eve of the match against Udinese to the official Fiorentina channels. Here is what was declared.

Italian: “We want to reach Europe, it would be a fantastic icing”

TEAM – “It is never easy to prepare matches in such a short time for the recovery of energy, attention to detail. Now we are close and we know what we have to do, we are having an important push at home and we have to exploit it ”.

WORDS COMMISSO – “You need sacrifice and concentration like any championship final, the perception of danger must be very high, in Salerno we made a mistake. In these five games we play a lot and we deserve to stay in these areas of the table “.

CHAMPIONSHIP – “I think we were amazing, we played in a semi-final of the Italian Cup, but to make it a great job we don’t have to give up right now. We try to push in these last few games, we scored 22 points more than last year, the important ranking is thanks to everyone, from the staff to the boys, we are proud. We need a final sprint to get what we deserve ”.

EXTRA FIELD DEBATES – “When you play and train, you forget everything else and don’t think about it. Some things can also disturb, but we always think about doing well, I have always managed to eliminate the things that were not good for me “.

FUTURE – “Ownership has always been clear, let’s close in a big way and then we’ll talk about the future”.

EUROPE – “We want to be able to reach this goal, this gift that people want from us. It would be a fantastic icing. I have never been able to play the cups as a player and as a manager, it is my dream “.

MOMENT – “We came from six consecutive useful results, except for the first half in Salerno the team is always expressing itself at high levels. We all take responsibility, but we do everything in good faith and the team has shown it ”.

Italian spoke on the eve of the match against Udinese. He said that reaching Europe would be a fantastic achievement. Tomorrow at 18:00 the match will be staged, which is the recovery of a match not played in January due to Covid reasons. The Italian team is at 56 points with one game less, with a victory it would catapult to fifth place in front of the Romans.

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