Italian football, D’Agostino: “In Italy we need to change mentality if we define the Conference as a cup. On Spalletti and Fiorentina … “

ITALIAN FOOTBALL D’AGOSTINO – A 1 Football Club, radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione, broadcast on 1 Station Radio was attended by Gaetano D’Agostino, coach of Vibonese and former Serie A and Udinese midfielder.

Italian football, D’Agostino: “In Italy we need to change mentality if we define the Conference as a cup. On Spalletti and Fiorentina … “

Is your championship over?

“For two months already abundant, thank goodness (laughs, ed). I rest and enjoy my family, I am charging for the next one and I will not make the same mistakes, hoping that someone will call me because in football it is easy to forget. After Lecco, I chose Vibonese more so as not to stay still and get back into the game but, after this setback, I will have to review a lot and evaluate a new project when the time comes, hoping to find a reality that believes in it and that has the desire to invest. in a project, with the necessary choices, infrastructures, etc. “

More and more foreign funds in Italian football. Do you think ‘patrons’ like De Laurentiis and Lotito will disappear?

“A high percentage comes from funds and, above all, from abroad. Once a player’s rating is totally busted, you need to have big funds to run a club. Current properties struggle and, in my opinion, that’s not fair. Salary caps should be put in place because there is no longer a middle ground “.

In Italy it is increasingly difficult to defend the coach’s work. How do you rate Spalletti’s work at Napoli?

“Let’s say that in Italy, until the ‘humoral’ part is removed, the coaches will never be protected. The coach works daily and that is what he should be judged. On Spalletti, what can I say, if he found himself fighting for the Scudetto with 5/6 matches from the end and obtained the Champions League goal, I don’t think he needs to be defended. His work was excellent. I was hoping for Napoli as a champion, a little for love, a little for ‘revenge from the South’. Napoli need a tip at the owner’s level; Milan have Ibrahimovic and Giroud, Inter also have important couples and in fact they are first and second “.

Roma will play the Conference League, a great appointment for Italian football

“I have heard journalists and radios say that the Conference is not a prestigious cup. We have to change mentality in Italy; abroad it is always important to play for a trophy, especially if it is European. Here in Italy you hear that the Conference is a ‘cup’, we have to change but we have been saying it for 20 years … “

How do you see Commisso’s Fiorentina project?

“I don’t think it will make stratospheric investments. At Fiorentina there is a serious project with a serious coach; reaching the Europa League would already be a great goal, there is an excellent president who in my opinion will write an important page “.

Marco Chiavazzo

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