Cagliari, Cudini: “Team in free fall. On Nicola’s Salernitana … “

“After the advent of the new ownership, we all expected these prospects. However, Nicola’s work can be seen and the latest results bear witness to it. Just look at it, there is confidence and awareness of one’s strength, everyone is rowing on the same side and you can see it on the pitch. The inertia is all in favor of Salernitana. Cagliari, on the other hand, is in free fall and this psychological aspect will count a lot. Both Cagliari and Venice have arrived two coaches who sell from below who can bring tranquility and do things in a more serene way. I believe that the Salernitana, however, is a train that has already departed and has everything on its side. Everyone plays a lot but the grenade team faces them at home and the home factor is very important, especially in Salerno at this moment where there is great enthusiasm “.

The change of ownership, of the coach and consequently the upheaval, of a large part of the squad, by diesse Sabatini. Initially the results were struggling to take off, then, over time, the work of Mr. Nicola came out. Salernitana, after yet another test of solidity in Bergamo, is the master of her own destiny: four consecutive useful results and as many games to be played for the stay in Serie A. Crucial week: Thursday the recovery against Venice then the match against Cagliari .

Davide D’Alessio


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